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Pumpkin whiPOOHed 3D cake

Saw this cake on CookPad, a popular Japanese cooking website and fell in love!
Changed a recipe and direction to make it easier and healthier!!

What you need....
(cake size of Japanese rice bowl )

Base cake (12cm size)

Your favorite cream ( I used homemade black bean cream)
100g ish Mashed and strained pumpkin
1p Very firm vacuumed tofu (or heavy whipping cream)
5 Tbs Maple syrup

1. Cut the cake in 3 layers. Cut 1 of them into 4 and line a rice bowl with it. (picture top on right)
2. Put the cream in a rice bowl
3. Cut another layer of the cake to make the lid. (picture 3rd from top on right)
4. move it over to a large plate

5. Make ears with the last layer, using a heart shaped cookie cutter
6.Put the ears with toothpicks or fried pasta.
7. puree the tofu and maple syrup with FP and strain. Or whisk heavy whipping cream.
8. mix with pumpkin
9. just decorate the cake! (nose part is just creme)
10. make eyes and eyebrows with chocolate:)