Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

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Halloween Curry Bento

Curry for bento! again...
Yes, I made too much curry......

I cut a piece of nori seaweed and cut a ghost shape with a scissors.
Then wrapped a rice ball with the seaweed.

The skeleton is just a round rice ball....
If you have some seaweed puncher, you can make this cute bento really easy and quick!
Otherwise it might take some time to cut out the face parts.

For the Jack O Lantern, I just cooked carrots in a microwave and carved by hands.

Have a happy Halloween!!!!


Pumpkin Curry Bento for Halloween ~Vegan~

Japanese curry is one of my hubby's favorite food.
I make from scratch instead of using store-bought curry roux.

I didn't want to stain my white container into yellow so layered with rice and put curry in the middle.
Made a hole in the middle so that the curry stays in the middle.

The ghost in the picture is vegan chao cheese.
It tastes really good and I really like it:)