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Cute Vegan Bento Box

I'm posting some pictures of my bento from last week.
Last Sunday, I prepared some food below for my bento for the week.
I froze leftover food from the previous week so  I used that for the last week bento too.

I cut rainbow carrots, pickled radishes with a variety of cookie cutters so that I can decorate my bento.


Bento Photos

More bento from last week.

Smoked mussel
Okara shu-mai
Rice with farro and couscous sushi salad

Okara vege burger
Rice with green onion miso
Vegetables marinated with Moroccan preserved lemon


Smile Face Lunch Bento Box

I usually assemble bento every morning.
I really don't have much time to play with my food in the morning.
When I want to make cute bento when in hurry, this smile face bento is my go-to kyaraben.
Use the shape of the bento box to make a face.
For the hair, it could be anything.....
I used Japanese hearb, Oba leave this time. Lettuce would be good too, but oba leave has a good flavor and great with rice. I like the shape of this herb too.

Here is other ideas for hair.

Seaweed salad, Curry and Hijiki&Quinoa salad.


Pickled Radish Pig Character bento

Pickled Radish Pig Character bento
One of the bentos from last week.
Made a pig with pickled radish:)

Braised octopus in white wine
Okara "meat" balls
Broccoli marinated with Moroccan preserved lemon