Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

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Pokemon Go Pikachu Lunch Bento

I haven't played Pokemon Go, but I grew up watching pokemon on TV!
Happy to see that it's still loved by many people around the world.

Today' bento is Pokemon Go theme mashed poteto salad.
Open a lid and you will find Pikachu in lettuce! :p

Mashed potato + Curry powder
Mini totamto (cheekes)
Yellow carrot (ears)

Poke Ball
Mashed potato
Pickled mini red pepper
Pickled daikon radish (middle white round)

I've made poke ball made with imitation crab and rice.
This time I had pickled mini peppers in my pickles jar so used it instead.
Great substitute for vegan friends.

Add protein of your choice :)


Star Wars Lunch Box

My husband just came back from Taiwan trip and brought me this round tin bento box.
He purchased this at a train station there.
Like Japan, it seems common(?) to buy bento at train stations and get ready for a long train ride in Taiwan.
This bento box is nice and big. Great for adult's lunch! ( I eat a lot, so I need a big lunch box.....)

I created a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.
They are just white and black, so perfect character to make with rice and seaweed!

For a Stormtrooper, you just need to cut a piece of seaweed and make

a long strip
2 loose triangles
a big V shape
4 or more short strips
2 small and one bigger rounds

For Darth Vader, just cut a piece of nori seaweed and make 2 round holes and a triangle shape.
Wrap the seaweed around a rice ball and strips of nori seaweed to create mouth (?).

Great bento for any star wars fun like my husband!!


Rice balls with celery miso
Chickpeas and sweet potato nuggets


Summer Theme Lunch Bento

I've been making summer theme bento! I picked some and put them together below.
Mostly vegan but I use eggs or seafood some time:)

1. Sea-turtle bento: Made tofu soboro and put on a layer of rice so that it looks like sand. Created turtle with tofu and carrot.
2. Watermelon bento: Created watermelon with cherry tomato and cucumber.
3. Pineapple bento: Cut yellow mini pepper and sugar peas for pineapple, Cut seaweed and applied to create pineapple design,
4.Seal bento: Mixed rice and black sesame to color rice for its nose(?). 
5 Octopus Bento: Cut pickled red mini pepper. 
Summer Theme Lunch Bento Collection

My favorite is watermelon bento:)
I like the color and the simpleness.
I used to make a little complicated character bento (kyaraben), but have shifted to simple and easy but still cute bento recently..

Which one is your favorite? :)


Vegan Bento Recipe: Tofu Soboro

Vegan Sunflower Bento with Tofu Soboro

One of my favorite tofu recipes for bento is Tofu Soboro.
Soboro is usually made with ground meat and seasoned with soy sauce, sake and sugar.
The mixture of these seasonings creates great flavor that goes very well with rice!!
I like substitute the recipe with tofu for my meatless bento.
It's also great with pasta, salad and fried rice.

Tofu Soboro Furikake
1/2pack Firm tofu (about 220g)
2tbs Soy Sauce
1tbs Sake
2tsp  Sugar
1.Crumble tofu into a large non-stick pan over medium-high heat until liquid evaporates.
2.Add soy sauce, sake and sugar and cook until tofu absorb the sauce.

Vegan Apple Bento with Tofu Soboro

Vegetarian 2 Colors Bento and Tofu Soboro Rice Ball Bento


Cute Vegan Bento Box

I'm posting some pictures of my bento from last week.
Last Sunday, I prepared some food below for my bento for the week.
I froze leftover food from the previous week so  I used that for the last week bento too.

I cut rainbow carrots, pickled radishes with a variety of cookie cutters so that I can decorate my bento.


Bento Photos

More bento from last week.

Smoked mussel
Okara shu-mai
Rice with farro and couscous sushi salad

Okara vege burger
Rice with green onion miso
Vegetables marinated with Moroccan preserved lemon


Smile Face Lunch Bento Box

I usually assemble bento every morning.
I really don't have much time to play with my food in the morning.
When I want to make cute bento when in hurry, this smile face bento is my go-to kyaraben.
Use the shape of the bento box to make a face.
For the hair, it could be anything.....
I used Japanese hearb, Oba leave this time. Lettuce would be good too, but oba leave has a good flavor and great with rice. I like the shape of this herb too.

Here is other ideas for hair.

Seaweed salad, Curry and Hijiki&Quinoa salad.


Pickled Radish Pig Character bento

Pickled Radish Pig Character bento
One of the bentos from last week.
Made a pig with pickled radish:)

Braised octopus in white wine
Okara "meat" balls
Broccoli marinated with Moroccan preserved lemon