Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

*Fun Bento Box**Cute and Natural Food From California*


Inari Bento

Created heart shaped inari and made it look like a fox:)
Please pick up Japan Up! February issue for more detail !! (available in LA and OC area)


Year of the Rooster Bento Box

My page on JapanUp! magazine got bigger and one full page from a half page!
January 2017 features "Year of the Rooster Bento".
Please pick up the magazine at Japanese grocery stores or restaurants if you live in LA or OC!!

2016 Best Nine ~Fun Bento Box~

Thank you so much for visiting my blog in 2016!
My word for 2017 is "Farm to Bento Box".
Looking forward to making healthier and more fun meal for my husband and me:)


Santa Claus Rice Ball Bento Box

Have you seen these tiny red babies called "Sweety Drops"?
Whole Foods Market sells this cutie at their olive bar.
I don't know what this really is, but they look like micro cherry tomatoes.
I've seen some bento with micro tomatoes before and wanted to try them ever since.
I was so happy when I found this sweety drops at Whole Foods!
Especially Christmas season, these are very useful;
Use 2 pieces and make a ribbon-> See my GINGERBREAD TOFU MEN BENTO
Use as ornaments -> SNOWMAN RICE BALLS BENTO
And like today's post, it can be used as a red nose!!
You could use a cherry tomato too, but I think their sweet and sour taste goes better with rice.

Here is simple steps to make this Santa Claus rice ball.

1. Just place a rice ball in a bento box. (Short grain brown rice)
2. Make white suhi rice into beard, fur trim and a pompom shape in plastic wrap.
Just place on the brown rice ball in the bento box.
Hat: Red pepper
Nose: Sweety drop


Snowman Rice Balls Bento

Snowman Rice Balls:
Place a slice of carrot between 2 rice balls and create a hat and scarf with leftover carrot.

Easy-quick bento today♪


Gingerbread Tofu Man Christmas Bento

Made a batch of gingerbread tofu men last night.
Just drained/pressed tofu and cut out with a gingerbread cookie cutter.
Marinated them in bbq sauce and just baked.

Xmas wreath is made with broccoli.
Ornaments are little rice crackers that I introduced on my last post.

I know these gingerbread tofu men will appear on a lot of my bento this man :)


Healthy Christmas Bento with Radish Santa

Made a Christmas bento with leftover mashed sweet potato from thanksgiving!
I roasted a turkey for the first time in my life last week.
It came out really good, but the bird was a little too big for two of us.
We've been eating turkey for about 5 days in a row...

Now time to go back to a healthy eating life.
Today's bento is vegan: tofu and shiitake mushroom dumplings, pickled purple cabbage, rice ball with carrot top furikake inside.
I made xmas tree with a Japanese oba leaf. Ornaments are Japanese rice crackers. I used vegan mayonnaise as glue.
Went to visit my family in Japan early this month and purchased a lot of bento items including this cute colorful rice crackers (bubu arare). They are naturally colored too!

For the santa, I carved radish and added vegan cheese beard. (I love CHAO cheese!)

I added a piece of red rice cracker  to create his nose.


Halloween Curry Bento

Curry for bento! again...
Yes, I made too much curry......

I cut a piece of nori seaweed and cut a ghost shape with a scissors.
Then wrapped a rice ball with the seaweed.

The skeleton is just a round rice ball....
If you have some seaweed puncher, you can make this cute bento really easy and quick!
Otherwise it might take some time to cut out the face parts.

For the Jack O Lantern, I just cooked carrots in a microwave and carved by hands.

Have a happy Halloween!!!!