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Star Wars Lunch Box

My husband just came back from Taiwan trip and brought me this round tin bento box.
He purchased this at a train station there.
Like Japan, it seems common(?) to buy bento at train stations and get ready for a long train ride in Taiwan.
This bento box is nice and big. Great for adult's lunch! ( I eat a lot, so I need a big lunch box.....)

I created a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.
They are just white and black, so perfect character to make with rice and seaweed!

For a Stormtrooper, you just need to cut a piece of seaweed and make

a long strip
2 loose triangles
a big V shape
4 or more short strips
2 small and one bigger rounds

For Darth Vader, just cut a piece of nori seaweed and make 2 round holes and a triangle shape.
Wrap the seaweed around a rice ball and strips of nori seaweed to create mouth (?).

Great bento for any star wars fun like my husband!!


Rice balls with celery miso
Chickpeas and sweet potato nuggets