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Disney Silhouette Rice Balls Bento

Went to a concert at a nearby park with this bento tonight!
This silhouette rice balls are easier since you don't need to make face parts.
I had some leftover imitation crabs from the bento class last weekend and wanted to use them up!
Just unwrap a imitation crab to separate red and white parts.
Wrap the red part around rice ball and you'll get this silhouette Disney characters!
In case you don't know what those are.....
Mickey, Minnie, Pooh and Piglet!

For the side dishes, I made chicken karaage and veg spring rolls.
I like wrap a lot of veges with rice paper for picnic bento. It's nice and portable.
Easy to eat with your hands!


Cake Decorating

Made vegan cakes<3
I've been eating cake almost every day lately....;P

Summer Beach Lunch Box

I will teach how to make this summer beach theme bento at Tokyo Central Costa Mesa on 7/25!
12pm~ and 1:30pm~
Please register at the store!
I might post how to make this bento on the next Japan Up! magazine too:)

Tokyo Central
  • 1420 S Azusa Ave
  • West Covina CA 91791