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Healthy Christmas Bento with Radish Santa

Made a Christmas bento with leftover mashed sweet potato from thanksgiving!
I roasted a turkey for the first time in my life last week.
It came out really good, but the bird was a little too big for two of us.
We've been eating turkey for about 5 days in a row...

Now time to go back to a healthy eating life.
Today's bento is vegan: tofu and shiitake mushroom dumplings, pickled purple cabbage, rice ball with carrot top furikake inside.
I made xmas tree with a Japanese oba leaf. Ornaments are Japanese rice crackers. I used vegan mayonnaise as glue.
Went to visit my family in Japan early this month and purchased a lot of bento items including this cute colorful rice crackers (bubu arare). They are naturally colored too!

For the santa, I carved radish and added vegan cheese beard. (I love CHAO cheese!)

I added a piece of red rice cracker  to create his nose.