Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

*Fun Bento Box**Cute and Natural Food From California*


Edible Flower Crown Bento

Purchased edible flower mix at Seedgeeks a while back.

Planted in spring and it has been blooming non stop lately!
It's really beautiful and inspired me to make this bento. (Curry and Rice)

I wrap with them with wet paper towel, place in a ziplock container and store them in fridge.
It lasted about a week!

More bento idea with edible flowers to come:)


Fun Animal Sandwich Bento

I use rice for 90% of my bento, but today's bento is bread!!
Just cut out slices of bread with cookie cutters and place them on beautiful color veges.
(Cookie cutters are from Daiso)
I used a bear shape one to make a frog.

What you need:
4 slices of bread
Tuna Salad (or filling of your choice)
Zucchini (for bunny backdrop)
Tomato (for heart backdrop)
Cheddar Cheese (for star backdrop)
Basil (for frog backdrop)
A piece of nori seaweed

  1. Slice off edges of 4 slices of bread . For 2 top slices cut out with cookie cutters as shown. (I used a bear shape cookie cutter to create a frog. Available at Daiso )
  2. Place 2 bottom slices in a bento box and add filling. (I used tuna salad)
  3.  Place vegetables and cheese in locations shown for character backdrop coloring.
  4. Add cut-out top slices.
  5. Use a thin strip of zucchini and cookie cutter to create hands for bunny.
  6. Create remaining fun face and body parts using yellow cheddar cheese, white cheese, seaweed, radish, etc.