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Football Valentine Bento

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
My husband is not a big fun of sweets, so made beef soboro and packed in a bento box with rice.
I got this bento box at Daiso and it was only $1.50! I love Daiso!!!
Hope he likes it<3

Beef Soboro


300g  Ground Beef
10g    Minced ginger
3tbs Sugar
3tbs Soy sauce
3tbs Sake
2tbs Mirin

1. Add all the ingredients but Mirin in a pan and cook and stir until only a little liquid left.
2. Add mirin and cook until cooked

My next bento class is on 2/28 at Tokyo Central in Costa Mesa, but I heard that it's already full..
Thank you!!!
The next after this will be on 3/15. Please check the ad at the store:)

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