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Easter Bunny BentoBox

Made a light lunch bento for my husband and me.
It was really nice out today, so decided to eat at the park next to our apartment.

I just carved a slice of cheese into a bunny shape and placed between rice and seaweed.
Very easy one!

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Sesame Mayonnaise Chicken Rice Balls

1 Small chicken breast  , steamed or however you'd like to cook
1/2 tbs Mayonnaise (more or less to your taste)
Dash of soy sauce
Dash of honey
1/2tsp Sesame oil
Pinch of Salt and pepper

Shred chicken by hands and mix all the ingredients.
Use as filling for your rice balls.


  1. Hi! I happened to chance upon your blog as I was checking for ideas for my child's bento. May I ask if we should keep the bento chilled or at room temperature during summer? Thanks1

    1. I recommend using ice packs or something chilled (frozen fruits, frozen water bottle etc) to keep bento cool!!