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Santa Claus Rice Ball Bento Box

Have you seen these tiny red babies called "Sweety Drops"?
Whole Foods Market sells this cutie at their olive bar.
I don't know what this really is, but they look like micro cherry tomatoes.
I've seen some bento with micro tomatoes before and wanted to try them ever since.
I was so happy when I found this sweety drops at Whole Foods!
Especially Christmas season, these are very useful;
Use 2 pieces and make a ribbon-> See my GINGERBREAD TOFU MEN BENTO
Use as ornaments -> SNOWMAN RICE BALLS BENTO
And like today's post, it can be used as a red nose!!
You could use a cherry tomato too, but I think their sweet and sour taste goes better with rice.

Here is simple steps to make this Santa Claus rice ball.

1. Just place a rice ball in a bento box. (Short grain brown rice)
2. Make white suhi rice into beard, fur trim and a pompom shape in plastic wrap.
Just place on the brown rice ball in the bento box.
Hat: Red pepper
Nose: Sweety drop

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