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Vegetarian "Fish" sushi bento

Tomorrow is Chilidren's day! I made koinobori bento for Japan Up! May issue.
Vegetarian 'Fish' sushi bneto :P

Koinobori is Japanese colorful carp windsocks.
Carp is a symbol of strength and success in Japan.
Japanese hang these windsocks outside for Children's Day (May 5th) to bring good luck to their kids health and success.
One set of the windsocks usually comes with 3 sizes. The big one symbolize father,
the medium one mother and the small one child.

1. Make a Japanese omelet. Or you can use a store-bought one.
2. Make 3 different sizes of oblong shapes by slicing a cucumber, omelet and red pepper. Also cut right side end as shown to create tails for fishes.
3. Make 3 small rice balls in sizes that match up well with fish pieces.  
4. Make a long thin strips with a sheet of nori seaweed as shown.
5. Place fish piece on rice and wrap with seaweed strip.
6. Create round eyes by poking a slice of cheese with a straw and other parts by cutting from a piece of nori seaweed with a seaweed puncher or scissors.

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