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Hello Kitty Onigiri Mold

Taco Rice Bento

BENTO&CO sells a lot of cute and quality Japanese products online.
I received White & Red Retro Moda Lunch Box and Hello Kitty Onigiri Mold Set from them and love both!

The bento box is BPA free and made in Japan. Great size for kids, but also for working women like me.  It provides a right amount of energy and I love the simple and stylish design.
It’s available in red and blue, so get matching bento boxes with different colors with your child ;) 

You can make Hello Kitty shape easily with the mold.
I used about 25g cooked rice to make 1 face.
Eyes and whiskers: nori seaweed
Nose: corn kernel
Flowers: Carrot

I think the set of the bento box and the onigiri mold would be a great gift too:)
Use a coupon code FUNBENTOBOX5 to get a 5% discount! (use by 10/19/19)

Hello Kitty Onigiri Mold

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