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Black Bean Cake with Tofu Creme

Black Bean Cake
1canned black bean
1/2cup steel cut oats
3tablespoon cocoa powder
1teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4cup agave or maple syrup

1.Preheat oven to 350F. Line a mold with parchment paper.
2.Add all the ingredient to a blender and blend until smooth.Place into the prepared mold.
3.Bake in preheated oven for about 4o mins and cool in a fridge for about 3hours.

original recipes

Tofu creme
1pack silken or firm tofu(if you prefer hard creme)
1tablespoon lemon juice
Agave or maple syrup

1.Drain tofu between paper towels with a heavy weight on top for 1 night.
2.Add to a blender and blend for about 3mims until to be free from tofu smell.
3.Add lemon juice and syrup and blend.

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