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Japanese Caprese Salad

Put a new spin on a traditional caprese!
Try this Japanese caprese salad, substituting tofu for mozzarella and shiso leaves for basil.
I LOVE the smell and flavor of shiso. So exotic.

For the salad
1pack tofu
1/2tsp salt
2-3 tomatoes
10ish shiso leaves

The most important thing it to drain tofu very well.
1.Sprinkle salt on tofu.
2.Wrap the tofu with a few paper towel.
3.Press with something heavy for more than 3 hours.
*I always use the pickles pressure to drain tofu. Very easy and works very well.
Cut the drained tofu and add between tomato and shiso leaves.

For the shoyu dressing
1tbs shoyu
1/2tbs sesame oil
1tbs vinegar
1/2tbs sugar

In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients.

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