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Chick Omelet Rice Bento

Quick and easy omelet rice for cooking in the mornings!

Ketchup Rice
150g Cooked rice
1/4 Onion (diced)
Ketchup to your taste
Salt and pepper
Chicken, Corn, Carrots or any vegetables of your choice

Saute onion with oil in a skillet until soft.
Add ketchup (start with 2tbs) and mix with the onion.
Add rice and your choice of meat/vegetables. Saute.
Adjust the flavor with ketchup, salt and peppers.

Shape round ball, using plastic wrap.
Place in a bento box.

1 egg
Salt and peppers

Beat egg and add salt and pepper.
Pour into a small egg mini pan and cook both sides.

Place on the rice in the bento box.
(Cut slits on 4 sides to make it easier to cover the rice)

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