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Pig Bento☆

Today's lunch bento for my hubby<3

- Pig rice ball
- Eggs and Tomatoes mushrooms
- Ginger pork with carrots
- Vegetable fry balls

I used this mini hot dogs to make the pig.

Slice and poke holes with a cut straw to make a nose.
Cut another slice into two to make ears.
Joint parts with dry pasta. (past will get soften by the time you eat, absorbing the water from the food)
Cut seaweed to make eyes!

 To make the mushrooms, boil quail eggs. ( you can get it at the most of Asian grocery stores)

Cut cherry tomatoes in half and connect with boiled quail eggs using dry pasta.

Poke holes in sliced cheese with straw. Put on tomatoes with mayonnaise.

Silicone side dish cups and leaf shape dividers♪

I got these bento items at Daiso.
They have cute and cheap bento goods! Love the store.

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