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Sexy Bento

My sister sent me this↓ bento picture a couple years ago.. Sexy bento for her husband lol !

I thought this would be a great bento for Valentine's day!

You need,

White rice
Topping of your choice ( I used seasoned salmon)
Pasta (hair)
Nori seaweed (eyes)
Ketchup (lips, cheeks)
Pickled plum aka Ume (nipples) : My sister used ham instead

1. Make rice balls. 2 big ones and 1 smaller one. Put rice in plastic wrap and push down the middle a little and place the topping there as shown in the picture.

2. Boil pasta.  I wanted to fill the open space with tomato salad later, so I seasoned the pasta with salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil to make the pasta salad.
Add the pasta on a smaller rice ball to create hair.
3. Create face parts and add on the rice balls. For the cheeks and lips, just dip a chopstick in ketchup and apply to the face.


  1. Haha :), I had to laugh when I saw this, but the idea is really cool and it's definitely sexy and yummy at the same time :)!

    1. Thanks! This is one of my favorites:p haha