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Shio Koji Hamburger

This hamburger recipe is really good! Nice and juicy, thanks to *Shio Koji!

For 2 people
200g Ground beef
1tsp  Shio Koji
1/4   Beaten egg
1/4cup Japanese panko
1.5tsp Mayonnaise
Paprika, Nutmeg, Garlic powder, pinch each
1tsp Sugar
Black pepper

0. Add shio koji to beef and mix well. Let it sit over night in a fridge.
1. Mix panko and egg. Set aside.
2. Mix the other ingredients and knead. Add the panko and egg. Mix well.
3. Shape and bbq!

*Shio Koji

Shio koji is a rice malt that has been fermented with salt.
This fermented koji marinade will bring out the best flavors from food! It's called magical sauce by some Japanese people!  It's becoming a staple seasoning in Japan.
It contain a lot of enzymes that breaks down the starches and proteins in food into sugars ans amino acids.
It's nutritious and good for digestive system.
You can get this at any Japanese grocery stores or I saw it at Whole Foods Market the other day.
It's called "Umami Enhancer".

I brought a pack of shio koji when I visited my friend, Ally last year. She loves to cook, so I thought she would enjoy this seasoning. She explains well about shio koji on her blog. She is a great food blogger!
 Please see her blog post, "Ingredient Spotlight: Shio Koji". She is also showing how to use it.
I will try to introduce more recipes with this shio koji on this blog:)

To make a cheese puppy, create shape cutters with a soy milk carton.
Cut cheese with these and make the face parts with nori sea weed.

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