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Turkey Cupcakes with Cranberry Mashed Potato Frosting

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Time flies so fast...
In Japan, we do celebrate Halloween and Xmas, but not much Thanksgiving...
I had never had turkey until I moved to the US about 6 years ago!

I like this time of the year because I see fresh cranberries everywhere.
Love the tartness and the color so much.
I made cranberry sauce and mixed in white mashed potatoes...and see what I got!
This cute and bright color potatoes! love it.
It was so cute that I wanted to make something cute with it.

This turkey cupcake is full of holiday flavors.
Great finger-food for holiday picnic.
I wanted to make some side dishes to pack in the bento box, but I didn't have time....
However this cupcake itself has protein, carb and vegetables. Great one-dish picnic bento food:)

Mushroom and Leek Stuffing
Recipe here

Turkey Cupcakes
Recipe here

Shape into cupcake pan. Put the stuffing in the middle. Cover with the meat mix and bake.

Cranberry Mashed Potatoes

Steam Russell potatoes until very soft.
Mash with butter,salt,  mayo and some cranberry sauce to your taste.

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