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Santa Claus and Snowman Pancakes! (Vegan)

Start holidays with this healthy & happy breakfast!
I found this no daily pancake recipe on a Japanese recipe site. Original recipe here (in Japanese)
They got more than 100 good reviews!
Original recipe calls for butter to cook pancakes, but I used canola oil instead,
 I think it tastes better than store bought pancake mix.
My husband loved it too:)
I made coconut whipped cream to avoid daily. Find out recipe here.
It's much cheaper than buying soy whipped cream!
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Daily free pancakes

150g Flour ( I used whole wheat)
10g   Potato starch
30g   Sugar (I used beet sugar)
Salt   pinch
10g   Baking powder
200ml  Water ( I used soy milk)

Mix the dry ingredients and add water.
Heat oil over medium heat and pour the batter. Brown on both sides.

You need a large round and a snowman shape pancakes to make the holiday pancakes!
Also, you need:

Raspberries (of any fruit you like)
Whipped Cream of your choice ( I used coconut whipped cream)
Chocolate syrup
Chocolate chips


1. Make a round pancake. Cool it a little bit so that whipped cream won't melt.
2. Cut strawberries and fill the top space. (about 1/3 of the top)
3. Pip whipped cream to make beard and brim.
4. Cut strawberry to make nose and draw mouth and eyes with chocolate syrup. Put marshmallow on top.


1. Make snowman shape pancake. (Just simply make small rounds next each other so that they will connect) Cool a little.
2. Put whipped cream on the pancake.

3. Make eyes with chocolate chips, nose with strawberry, buttons with blueberries and mouth with chocolate syrup. Decorate the plate with raspberries.