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3 Colored Rice Balls Bento

It's hanami season!
Hanami is a Japanese way of celebrating cherry blossom season.
It is common to have a picnic under cherry blossom trees with your family or friends.

3 colored dango is a popular spring food and often eaten at hanami.
Dango is a Japanese dumplings related to mochi.
It's usually pink, white and green and it is said that each color represents sakura (cherry blossom), sweet sake and leaves.

I made rice balls looked like 3 colored dango to celebrate the beginning of March!
I colored rice with naturally colored sesame seeds. (Pink: tart plum flavor.  Grenn: green tea flavor.)
As I mix the sesame seeds with warm rice, the seeds release the beautiful color and dyed the rice.
I like the colors and the fact that it's all natural!

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