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Monkey Curry (Sardine Curry)

Something is getting very popular in Japan...Yes, "kyara-ben"(Character Bento)!
It’s a lunch box which features food decorated to look like characters from popular media. Japanese people like to decorate not only beto, but also other dishes like curry!

Found monkey shaped curry on cookpad the other day and fell in love with it! so made it with sardine curry.

Choushi city in Chiba is noted for sardine and mackerel curry.
You can find canned curry of those there!

3chili pequin
1baby leaf
1or2 onions
1canned sardine in olive oil
1canned tomato source with garlic (and basil)
3cups boiled water
1tablespoon vinegar
3tablespoon curry powder
2tablespoon soy source
2tablespoon miso
1tablespoon umeboshi paste if you have
1cup yogurt
salt and pepper

1.Heat olive oil(in canned sardine) in a skillet. Saute onion, chili, a baby leaf, cloves until onion get lightly browned.

2.Add canned tomato, sardine, curry powder,vinegar, soy source, miso and umeboshi paste. Then pour boiled water. Simmer for about an hour.

3. Add yogurt, salt and pepper and simmer.

Make monkey's face with seaweed and ears with eggs!

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