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Healthy Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake)

Okonomiyaki + a ham rose + mayo creme = A okonomiyaki cake!
This is the cake you can eat with your chopsticks:P

Easy, Simple and Helathy Okonomiyaki
1/2pack firm tofu
4 tablespoon potato starch
1/4 cabbage
Yakisoba(Fried noodle)
Katsu source

1. Mix tofu, eggs, cabbage in a bowl.
2. Add Yakisoba in a skillet and cook.
3. Pour 1 on the yakisoba and cook then turn over and cook.
4. Pour katsu source on the surface of okonomiyaki.

To make it look like a piece of a cake, cut okonomiyaki in 4 and put 2 pieces together.(make yakisoba inside). Decorate it with mayonnase.
Will post how to make a ham rose later!

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