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Potato Porcini Soup with Shio Koji

Went to my husband's hometown, Oregon over the weekend.
It was my 3rd time there, but 1st time in summer!
It's very beautiful this time of the year.

We stayed at Wine Country Farm B&B in Dayton.
Such a beautiful place!!!!

breakfast room

We grabbed pizza and soup at a nearby market for dinner and ate at their yard.
This soup.....potato porcini soup....it was sooooooo yummy!!!!!!!
I had a package of dried porcini that I bought in Italy at home, so I looked for a recipe of this soup as soon as I got home!
I made it for dinner tonight and it was really good.
I used 4cup of water + 3tbs of shio koji ( see this post ) instead of chicken stock.

Recipe: Porcini Farro Soup from Italian Food Forever

そしてこの写真見て下さい。。。なんとも素敵なホテル!!!今回泊まったWine Country Farm。料金も150ドルぐらいでバカ高くないし、とてもおススメです♪
このPotato Porciniスープがとても美味しかったので家に帰ってからすぐレシピを検索!!

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