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Hello Kitty Cake 3D

What did you make for a xmas party?
I had a fun time with my husband's family in socal! They got 5 girls, so decided to make a hello kitty cake for them. I thought about making it more xmasy, like coloring  the ribbon with green x red, making a nose with red chocolate or something like that. However, I just felt like making a original version after all.

Hello Kitty Chocolate Cake (9in)

-9in sponge cake ( I made chocolate one)
-Chocolate cream
         350ml  Heavy whipping cream
         160g  Chocolate (chopped)
-Whipped cream
         one pint Heavy whipping cream
         70g   Granulated sugar
         a little, vanilla extract
-Fruits (optional, but strawberries go well with this cake I think)

-Pocky (whiskers)

1. Slice a sponge cake into 4. Line a 9in bowl with plastic wrap. Cut the 2 slices of the cake to line the bowl as shown in the picture 1. It's like a puzzle, kinda..

2. Make chocolate cream. Put 160g chocolate and 160g whipping cream in another bowl. Mix then in a double boiler. Slowly melt the chocolate. When chocolate melt, take the bowl out from the double boiler and add the rest of the whipping cream. Mix carefully until thicker. Pour it in a bowl from step 1. (picture 2)
Make ears with a slice of the cake.  Lay the extra cake between cream. (picture 3) Put fruits if you want. Pour the cream to the top. (Picture 4).

3. Put a lid with the 4th slice of the cake. Refrigerate for a couple hours.

4.  Take it out on a cake plate. ( picture 6)

                        *I took this picture when I made a smaller size cake.
5. Connect the ears and the face with Pocky.

6. Make whipped cream by mixing heavy cream, sugar and vanilla extract. Pipe around the face.

7. Make the face parts. (eyes & ribbon: chocolate, nose: ;lemon cream covered almond)


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