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Santa's Reindeer Sleigh Ride Potato Sandwiches

I often use rice to make bento, but I like making cute lunch with bread too:)
I found a good Japanese potato salad recipe, so decided to make potato salad sandwiches. This recipe got more than 4000 reviews! You gotta try it ;)!

Mini sandwiches (the top picture above) are good for parties:)

Potato Salad  (adapted from Japanese recipe sites (in Japanese) )
1 Russel potatoes
1 Boiled egg
1/4~1/2 Onion
1 Japanese cucumber (Optional. I didn't use it, but it adds good texture to the salad)
1 slice Ham
1.5 tsp Vinegar
4~6 tbs  Mayonnaise
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Peel potatoes and cut into small pieces. Boil water with 1tsp of salt and add the potatoes. Cook until soft.
2. Drain hot water well and mash the potatoes. Add vinegar and mix. Let it cool.
3. Thinly slice onion (and cucumber). Sprinkle a little of salt and rub by hands. Leave it about 15~30 mints and rinse with water. Chop a boiled egg.
4. Add the egg and vegetables to the mashed potatoes. Adjust the taste with salt and pepper.

Santa and Reindeer sandwiches 

What you need,

Potato Salad (recipe above)
Mashed potatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Sliced cheese
Nori seaweed
Sliced almonds
Twisted pasta, cooked
Dry pasta

1. Carve the bread as shown.

2. Stuff the potato salad in a hole.
3. Shape mashed potatoes into small balls in plastic wrap.
 4. Cut cherry tomatoes in half. Put the mashed potatoes in between.
 5. Place santa on the potato salad. Cut a piece of seaweed to create santa's eyes. Make smaller balls with mashed potatoes and create the white part of their hat.
 6.  If you use a long bread like this, repeat step 1&2 for the back part. Place steamed broccoli.
 7. Cut a sliced cheese with a straw for eyes and snow. Put cut-out seaweed to create eyes for the reindeer. Place snow on the broccoli.
 8. Poke the bread where you will apply eyes and insert the eyes. Or use mayonnaise as glue and put the eyes on it.  Make ears with sliced almonds.
 9. Fry pasta with a little oil. (Left: before     Right: after)
 10. Connect twisted pasta and a half cherry tomato to the bread with the fried pasta to create horns and nose.

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