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Good bento filler

santa rice ball with vegetarian meat loaf cupcake. (see earlier post for the mashed potato cream)
Nightmare before Christmas bento

I don't eat much meat for health reasons and I kinda forced my husband to do the same thing when we started living together. However, of course, it wasn't a good idea. He LOVES meat.
Now I try to choose organic, no added growth hormones natural meat as much as possible.
Also, I heard that daikon radish contains an enzyme that helps you digest meat. So I've started cooking daikon radish very often, especially sun-dried ones! They have much more flavors and nutrients.
I especially like EDEN's radish.

"EDEN Dried Daikon Radish is naturally made and sun dried in the ancient, traditional manner without the use of chemicals, artificial colorings or artificial drying techniques. Most commercial shredded daikon in Japan today is bleached to a white color. Traditionally processed EDEN Dried Daikon is a natural light cream to tan color."

Spicy daikon radish

1pk   Eden's daikon radish
6tbs Sake
2tbs Soy Sauce (I use EDEN's tamari)
2tsp Go chu jang
1tbs Sesame oil
Grated garlic to taste

Marinate all the ingredients and saute until mixed.

To make Sally and Jack, make 2 rice balls.
Unroll a imitation crab stick and separate red and white part.
Cut the red part to make Sally's hair. 
Cut the white part with a straw to make her eyes.

Make face parts with nori seaweed. It's easier to make with shredded seaweed if you have.
Color Sally's lips with ketchup:)


  1. How lovely that looks Mayumi! Love the expressions with the nori!