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Rilakkuma inari sushi bento

Rilakkuma is a very popular character in Japan! I see a lot of Rilakkuma bento out there.
Why not, there are very cute and easy to shape:)
Try this Rilakkuma inari sushi bento^^

You need,
Inari tofu skin
Sushi rice (See sushi cake)
Sliced cheese
Nori seaweed

To make inari tofu skin,  you need
5 long or 10 short Sushi age (Google it, and you will see the pictures)
2tbs Soy sauce
2tbs Mirin
2tbs Sugar
1 1/2 water

1. Roll a chopstick over sushi age. This helps to open age easily and stuff rice inside.
    Cut age in half if you use longer ones.
2. Boil water and blanch sushi age (about 2mins)
3. Rinse with cold water too cool, Squeeze the excess water out
4. Place the age and all the ingredients in a pot and put a otoshibuta. (see otoshibuta)
5. Cook over low-medium heat until only a little liquid left.
6. Cool and squeeze the excess liquid out.

Ok, now time to make Rilakkuma!

1. Open sushi age pouch and stuff rice inside. Don't put rice too much. Especially the edges.
 2. Fold and close the age as shown
3. Pinch the edges where you make the ears.
4. Cut a cheese and piece of seaweed to make ears, eyes and mouth!

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