Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

*Fun Bento Box**Cute and Natural Food From California*


Hello Kitty Burrito Bento

What you need:

Snack size flour tortillas (Corn ones are easy to break, so I recommend flour tortillas)
Topping (corn, rice, cheese, beans or anything you like)
Corn (nose)
Nori seaweed (eyes, whiskers)
Carrot (ribbon)

1. Put your favorite topping on a tortilla.

 2. Fold as shown. Roll it up from the lower end.
 3. Cut another tortilla to create ears.
 4. Slice carrot and cut as shown to make a ribbon.

5. Cut a piece of seaweed to create eyes and whiskers. Place a small corn where you want to make a nose.

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