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Naturally colored blue rice

It's kinda hard to make blue characters with food. Can you think about any blue vegetables??
However, you can create nice blue color with purple cabbage!

What you need

1/4 purple cabbage
2cup Water (adjust the amount of water to get your desired color. More water you put, more light color    you get)
A little  Baking soda
Cooked white rice (When you cook rice, use a little less water than usual.)

1. Boil water and add cabbage. Cook until the water become purple like this picture.
2. Add less than pinch of baking soda and mix. (if you put too much, it becomes green)

3. Add blue liquid little by little too white rice.


  1. need ur recomendation for grey colour.thx

    1. You can use black sesame! I would use a pestle and mortar to grind them and mix with rice.