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Shu-mai Dumpling Ducks and Inari Sushi Football Bento

My husband is a huuuuuuge Oregon Ducks fan!  He said there is a good game tomorrow, so I made "Go Ducks! bento" today:)
I made footballs with inari sushi. Please see Rilakkuma inari sushi bento for the recipe.

Ducks are made with shu-mai dumplings.
I wanted to use up tofu and chicken, so decided to make a lot of shu-mai with them and freeze for bento.
However, a problem is.... I don't have a steamer!! I need a big steamer to make a lot of shu-mai at one time.
I searched online and finally found a good solution....You just need.... CABBAGE! Yes, cabbage.
Please see below.

Shu-mai dumplings

150g Tofu (medium firm)
150 Chicken thigh (or ground chicken)
2 tbs Flour
1tbs  Soy sauce
1tbs Sake
a little Salt&Pepper
20 Shumai skins

1. Boil water and add tofu. Bring to a boil to get rid of water that tofu has absorbed. About 10 mins.
    Or Wrap tofu in a few paper towels and press with something heavy for about 3 hours.

2. Grind chicken with a food processor and mix well with the tofu.

3. Add flour, soy sauce, sake, salt and pepper. Add more flour if the mix is a little liquidy. (depends on how firm tofu is )

4. Place about a tablespoon of chicken mix on a shu-mai skin. Don't put too much.

5. Collect all the edges to the center and wrap as shown.

You can wrap them however you want!
6. Put about 1/2 cup of water and line the bottom of a pot with cabbage.
7. Put shu-mai on top.
8. Wrap a lid with a towel to avoid water from dropping on shu-mai(optional)
9. Cook over medium heat about 15~20 minutes.
10. If you want to freeze them, cool completely and put in a Ziploc and freeze.
      Don't forget to enjoy steamed cabbage too!!

To make ducks, make eyes with sliced cheese and nori seaweed.
Slice a boiled carrot and cut beak shape.
Connect edamame and shumai with a yellow pick.

It's fun to make referee's uniform design with rice and seaweed too:)

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